Building Costs on Ko Samui


Want a home in paradise? Not sure what it will cost build? We put this post together to give you a VERY basic idea of what building costs are on Ko Samui.

Now, the information we are using can very to some degree, but this will give you a rough guess at building costs on Ko Samui.

Ok, now that hat is all out of the way lets jump right into it.

For a something like a decent sized 3 bedroom house you can expect the building costs to be around 5,000,000.00 THB or roughly $140,000.00 USD.

A giant luxury villa or home can easily cost as much as 120,000,000.00 (3.3 million USD) on the high end and as low as 12,000,000.00 on the lower end of the scale.

When it comes to building costs on Ko Samui there is a lot to be taken into account. As an example, where is the materials being purchased from? Are they only being purchased from Bangkok or are they coming for all over Thailand? Make sure you know when you hire a construction firm. Usually if a firm is buying from all over Thailand you will see a significant price difference.

Are you planning to have any materials shipped from overseas? If this is a must for you, makes sure you know about the possible import duties on those items.

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So, that’s about it for this post on building on Ko Samui. Thanks for coming by!


Weird things left at job sites


Over the years I have overseen literally hundreds of construction protests on Ko Samui for clients.  From simple renovations to complete building jobs that started from the ground up. During that time I have found some really weird things left at job sites.

I am not talking about bottles and “normal” trash, but things that make you scratch your head and wonder “why the f*#k is that here. So, with out further interruption here is a short of weird thing left at job sites.

On the top of the list was a small box that contained a pistol, a bottle of whisky, a photograph of a car and note that read “You’ll never get the car bitch!”

I once went to check some work on a frame of a house not long after the foundation was done and in the floor was burn marks from a small fire, half a dozen dying roses, a dead rat, and a broken bottle of wine.

Next on the list of weird things left at job sites was one that I am still scratching my head over. A large cardboard box that had a bunch of opened and empty bottles for a growth supplement called growth factor plus. I am really wondering if someone took all those supplements to see if they worked and then wrote a hell of a growth factor plus review. I did a little research and found a site about growth supplements that had a post entitled does growth factor plus work. It is all natural, so who ever took all those pills is probably fine, but has to be really tall now. Click here to read about these growth supplements

There are tons and tons of other weird things left at job sites that I have found, but those three are the ones that really stick out in my mind.

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If you have ever found a really weird things left at job sites I’d love to hear about them. Thanks for reading!